About us

Round-the-Clock-Trader LIVE! is organised by Simon Campbell.  Simon founded IX Media Ltd in 2014 and quickly established the brands ‘London Investment Week’, ‘London School of Trading’ and ‘Round-the-Clock-Trader’.

With a 20 year history in the financial education sector, and in particular providing events to retail investors and traders, Simon set out to develop new channels of trading education for the ‘stay-at-home-trader’ who needs guidance and instruction on how to improve the trading – without incurring huge fees for classes by so-called ‘Gurus’.

In June 2014 the monthly Round-the-Clock-Trader webinar summit show was born.  With it’s huge appeal by offering 12 hours of free educational webinars back to back by 12 expert traders, linked by Simon with live questions and answers, the event soon became popular with traders across the globe.  Regularly attracting 1000+ online visitors per month, the event is now in it’s fourth year.

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To access the webinar library of recordings from past Round-the-Clock-Trader show please visit our sister website London School of Trading.