12.00pm – Technical Trading Insights — Carol Harmer

Join Carol Harmer for a review of the main FX markets and pairs. Carol will explain how to spot a trend, when to spot a pull back, or a breakout. Her simple, honest approach to trading will come as a bl;as of fresh air to those traders weighed down with countless indicators, strategies and alerts.

After a 35 year career in the City, Carol has now turned her attention to the retail market in a genuine and caring way. She runs an online trading group for a select few. Carol is desperate to even the odds in a business where the odds are 80/20 not in the retail traders favour. Her ability speaks for itself.

Carol has taught many many professional traders in her years at various banks and also on the LIFFE floor but she will not name names of those she has mentored who today hold high ranking positions in the banking community. She is way too modest for that.