9.30am -Making Sense of the latest Twist in the Currency Wars – George Hallmey, Click Events

2018 has brought another game changer for Forex traders and we will identify the key trends and three simple tools to profit from them.
Presented by George Hallmey, Click Events Ltd
George got interested in the markets during the inflationary 1970’s, participating in the 1979-80 Gold bull market. George went on to learn what made markets move from an established chartist and traded, part time, many markets from commodities to equity options. As an educator, George used his MBA and Finance Diploma as a consultant and lecturer in Strategic Management. He now educates and coaches other traders in using his trading techniques through his company Clickevents Ltd., and Traders Class, established in 2002. Over the years he has developed a unique trading style combining Intermarket analysis, Classical Charting with wave theory, Fibonacci and volume activity with price action. He now specialises in trading the major currency, stock index and commodity markets.

10.30am – Price Action Trading Strategies for FX Markets – Ian Foster, Beawinningtrader.com

Presented by Ian Foster, beawinningtrader,com

You will learn:

  • How to analyse and trade any Financial market based on our “Price Action Trading Methodology”.
  • Know at the time of entry to the very point/pip where a “protective stop” should be placed.
  • How to use proper money and risk management techniques.
  • How to choose which instruments to trade.
  • Know how to be aggressive or conservative in your trading approach.


Ian has been trading on a Daily basis for over 20 years and has been teaching others through workshops and personal tutoring since 1998. The experiences he has gained throughout the years and the knowledge he imparts to all clients is very much second to none. He has featured in different Financial publications such as “Share” magazine and has spoken at many trading events in the UK. He is a regular contributor on TIP TV.

11.20am – How to identify profitable trades in rigged markets with Wyckoff / Volume Spread Analysis – Gavin Holmes, TradeGuider

Are the financial markets being manipulated against the retail trader and investor at great profit for the “Smart Money”?
The BBC interview shown here should show you main stream media cannot hide the facts any longer, and you need to be aware of what to look for.
Is “Fake News” used all the time by trading and investing professionals to wrong foot you into poor trading and investing decision’s?
“Wake Up” said the great investor and entrepreneur  Richard Ney in the 1960’s, but we didn’t!!!
Quote from “The Guardian Newspaper”
In 1970, the actor-turned-writer and investment expert Richard Ney, who has died aged 87, published his acclaimed The Wall Street Jungle. Its theme, that there was “more sheer larceny per square foot” on the floor of the New York stock exchange “than any place else in the world,” so scandalised the New York Times that it never reviewed the book, despite its 11 months on the newspaper’s bestseller list.
When news is good about a stock or any traded instrument  do you buy the top only to see the stock/instrument  collapse for no fundamental or technical reason?
(Example buy gold in late 2011, it collapsed in price, Bitcoin 2018 the same)
When news is bad (and getting worse) such as BP oil spill disaster in June 2010 is this a time to buy the stock when the news was “We cannot cap the well”.
Yes, it doubled in value in six months.
These are facts that will be explained on price charts in this special live seminar which will also feature live charts and actual Wyckoff / Volume Spread Analysis trade set ups happening right now, with trading plan and rules given to all attendees, no personal information required.
Your presenter, Gavin Holmes, was taught to trade and invest by the inventor of the Wyckoff / Volume Spread Analysis methodology, Tom Williams, who passed away in late 2016, having passed his knowledge to Gavin.
Tom traded in a private syndicate in Beverley Hills, California in the 1970’s and 1980’s and retired at 40 to return to his home in Worthing, UK.
One of his last live interviews is available now at:
Gavin is the Author of “Trading in the Shadow of the Smart Money”, the highly acclaimed book available at www.amazon.com which explains how markets are manipulated and what you can do now to read the volume footprints that are on the price charts everyday if you know what to look for.
In this seminar will show you trade set ups that are volume based and do not use lagging formulas, technical indicators or fundamental analysis used by 90% of losing traders.
Its time you joined the “Smart Money”, so join former Hampshire Constabulary and Met Police Officer Gavin Holmes for the truth about the financial markets.
“Your mind is like a parachute, its best used when it is open”
Preparation and background reading is available with the compliments of TradeGuider Systems International in association with Simon and Lisa Campbell and RTCT / London FOREX show at this link:
Gavin will trade his live ActivTrades CFD and FOREX accounts if set ups are alerted too during this presentation using the proprietary VSA technology.
TradeGuider Supports many platforms including MT4 and now MT5.
All attendees will receive a complimentary PDF copy of the book “Master The Markets” by Tom Williams, Inventor of Volume Spread Analysis, value £89.99 or a discounted printed copy available at the show.

12.10pm -Investment Mastery – Jay Lakhani, Bindal FX

Jay Lakhani is a professional trader and has been involved with markets since his early twenties. He has extensive experience and trades derivatives, Forex, Index & Stock futures, and Commodities.

What makes this Investment Mastery Course stand out from the Crowd?

  •  LIVE TRADING REAL MONEY – I have heard much excuse in the book why trainers will not trade live on training courses. On the Bindal FX Master Trader workshop & Webinar you get live trading sessions.
  •  JOIN THE 5% CLUB – This powerful course will put you in the powerful 5% club. This is the only course you will ever need, and that’s a promise!
  •  POWERFUL STRATEGIES – Simple yet POWERFUL Forex strategies that will make you a Consistent winning trader – You don’t need rocket science to follow it!
  •  MENTAL FITNESS – Powerful strategies on how you can develop your mental fitness!
  •  Bindal Momentum Indicators – Powerful indicators which takes the guessing away. A simple step by step formula to enter and exit the markets. You get 12 months free Licence worth a £1000!
  •  Scalping, Intra Day or Swing Trading strategies taught.
  •  FREE 3 months one to one Skype/Telephone/email mentoring Follow up.
  •  FREE 3 Month LIVE Broadcasts of Trade setups – I will share trades which are on my watch lists.

1.00pm – Learn how to trade efficiently – Pablo Ortiz, FX Method

In this exclusive lecture, Pablo Ortiz, an expert in Automated Trading will go over the most blatant myths about Trading. A unique lecture that won´t leave you untouched. We will go over such myths as, the brokers steal on you, the trend is your friend, over-optimization, and many others, in clear and compelling language. Pablo Ortiz will blast those popular myths that are part of the Trading community. Pablo Ortiz, from THE FX METHOD, studied Mathematical Physics in Germany and has been Trading with Robots for over 8 years, his unique approach as well as his presentation style, make him worth listening to.