6pm – Is Bitcoin a buy as it drops to 2018 low? David Cheetham, Chief Market Strategist, XTB

2018 has been a bad year for Cryptocurrencies with all the largest coins suffering sizable declines. Recently Bitcoin dropped back below $6500 and revisited the year-to-date low. Is this a good buying opportunity or has the bubble truly burst? Join us for this webinar to find out the latest developments from both a fundamental and technical point of view focusing on Bitcoin, but also including some of the major alt-coins

David Cheetham is the Chief Market Analyst at XTB UK. He began his career trading Brent futures on a prop desk having completed an MSc in Banking and Finance at Newcastle University. After initially trading Brent futures, he quickly expanded to cover WTI and some fixed income markets. After two years he branched out and started trading for himself, covering a wider range of assets including indices and FX whilst maintaining his core focus on Oil. David now actively trades most asset classes and whilst his approach is predominantly technical, he is well aware of fundamental drivers impacting markets and uses a combination of both when selecting his trades. More recently, David has become one of the most popular educators in the UK on trading Cryptocurrencies.