Charlie Burton Ezeetrader

EzeeTrader was formed in 2002 By Charlie (Kevin) Burton and Kym Watson. Charlie came from the fund management industry and Kym also from financial services although both agree that these career backgrounds bare little relevance to that of trading.

EzeeTrader started out simply writing a monthly newsletter but as technology became more accessible, it has grown into a company that offers a live online trading room along with a multitude of different trading strategies that are suitable for different traders.

So what do Charlie and Kym think about EzeeTrader and its community? Well, they are both pretty straight talking and are willing to tell traders how ‘it is’ in the real trading world. They put the necks on the line every trading day and are willing to be open about their trading with members. The trading community is of upmost importance and helping traders find their own path is what they both seek to achieve. The community has the chance to get together a couple of times a year at either a teaching event or even the odd golf day or meal out in London.

Kym and Charlie do regular market commentary and live trading videos plus free webinars for people signed up to the database.