Hemal Pandya Alpha Trading Floor

Hemal Pandya started trading at University over 13 years ago whilst studying Finance & Law.  Although originally set on a path by his family towards becoming a lawyer the pull towards trading become overwhelming and Hemal made the decision to commit wholly to a trading career.  Shortly after this Hemal moved to Gibraltar to work alongside his mentor trading for a fund where he refined his technique for trading.

During this time Hemal developed a passion for helping others on their journey and founded Alpha Markets T/A alpha Trading Floor in 2010 with a mission to reduce the ‘pain’ that so many people suffer trying to navigate their way into becoming profitable traders.

By taking the example shown to him by his mentor, Hemal now works side-by-side with a small number of aspiring traders to show them live how to trade effectively.  The combination of breaking down the strategy and key concepts of trading then working live in the markets with his students to give ‘positive expectancy’ has proven to have a dramatic effect on time required towards becoming profitable.

Enjoying the balance between trading for himself, a fund and mentoring others Hemal has found his calling.  His spare time is spent flying light aircraft, remote control aircrafts, kites and anything else that will fly and taking his dog ‘pip’ for walks.