Paul Wallace

FXTraderPaul is a financial trader and performance coach with more than 24 years’ experience working in competitive, results-driven, performance environments. Working with individuals operating in challenging zero-sum environments, he helps create a ‘performance mindset’ to promote success.

With a background in sales, trading and the military Paul is a self-motivated individual. He is adaptable and versatile with proven sales, leadership, management and planning skills, developed in challenging and geographically diverse environments.

Paul spent 6 years as an officer in the Royal Air Force working in Air Battle Management as a Fighter Controller. During that time he was deployed as far afield as Alaska and the Falklands, and spent time on peace-keeping duties in the Balkans and Cyprus. Paul was the youngest RAF graduate from NATO’s prestigious Tactical Leadership Program in Florennes, Belgium. He also enjoyed the experience of flying fast jets.

After being selected as one of 6 successful applicants from 50 graduates of a Fast-Track residential sales and business course, he began a career in sales & ICT for an FTSE 100 telecommunications firm. Here he spent 5 years as an account manager within the Corporate London and City Sales Team. He completed his first year as an account manager as No.1 in the company with a sales achievement of 165%.

In search of a new challenge, Paul has spent the last 13 years full-time trading the financial markets, an area that had always fascinated him. He enjoys the challenge of operating in an environment that has an acknowledged 90% failure rate. He trades on the global currency markets, and has experience trading both as an individual and as the head trader for a fund. He is working towards building his own charitable hedge fund.

Paul has always had a keen interest in success, achievement and peak performance, whether on the battlefield, sports-field, boardroom or financial markets. He is a qualified coach who gains immense satisfaction from working with individuals who demonstrate the desire for growth and personal change in pursuit of worthy goals. He has provided pro bono coaching services to Leonard Cheshire, the UK’s leading disability charity.

Paul splits his endeavours between Trading, Performance Coaching & Trading Education.

His Trading is run through his fund, Kaizen Wealth Management, and the aim is to develop Kaizen into a charitable hedge fund. His trading Strategies are based around simple price action strategies deployed on weekly, daily & 4 hourly time-frames on FX & Indices markets.

Paul runs a Trader Performance Support Practice called Tradingbeliefs which helps create a ‘performance mindset’ for individuals who operate in challenging, results-driven, pressured environments.

Finally his Trading Education is delivered through this FXTraderPaul blog where he comments on the markets, his trades & life in general. This gives people an opportunity to discover that unlike may others Paul does walk the talk. You can learn more about how he trades by spending the day with him. There are more details here.