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George Hallmey has traded different markets over more than ten years. These include UK & US Shares, Commodities, Interest Rate futures and Forex. George has had a background in education as teacher of Strategic Management and Faculty manager in Further and Higher education in the UK.

From George:

Of the the many questions facing traders are “Which time frame should I trade and, of the dozens of systems out there, which one will work for me”

We can set up our charts for a long term swing system on daily and weekly charts, but we can also trade intra-day from 5/15/30/60 minute charts. So which is best?

The answer is; – either can work for you, so why not combine the best techniques of each?

Over the years I have developed a unique trading style, with the Breakfast Trader, Extreme and Harmonic Wave trader & TMEST courses that can be used on any market and any time frame.

The Universal Trader is based on four top rated systems and combines the best features of each that work on any time frame that is right for you.

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