London Investment Week

London Investment Week has been offering traders and investors access to free financial education since 2014 via various channels of online webinar events, email newsletters, online courses, and physical events and workshops.

In addition to it’s central website www.londoninvestmentweek.com which offers weekly blogs from traders and investors, plus events calendar, the company also manages it’s sister websites http://londonschooloftrading.com where visitors can access over 200 hours of pre-recorded trading webinar lessons from over 50 trading experts.

The flagship event is a monthly online webinar show entitled ‘Round-the-Clock-Trader’ which has run monthly since June 2014, and is presented live over 12 hours from 9am to 9pm UK time, and features 12 individual trading lessons, from 12 separate expert presenters, of 45 minute duration, linked by host Simon Campbell.  This popular event attracts approx. 1000+ visitors per month, with a further 500 viewings of the recordings afterwards.

There is also a bi-annual online event entitled ‘London Investment Week LIVE!’ (www.londoninvestmentweek.co.uk)  which takes place over 5 days (next event 3rd to 7th October 2016) with a series of trading webinars, investment webinars, question and answer sessions, and showcase of new investment opportunities.

This autumn 2016 sees the launch of the first physical event based on the webinars, ‘Round-the-Clock-Trader LIVE!’ (www.roundtheclocktrader.live) and takes place at Grand Connaught Rooms in London on Saturday, 5th November.  With five rooms dedicated to offering trading tuition and guidance from over 30 speakers it will be a dedicated festival of trading education and organisers expect around 1000 attendees on the day, with a further 1000+ tuning in online for the web stream from the main seminar room.

In addition to the events, London Investment Week sends a weekly email newsletter entitled A Friend in the City to its growing email database of 11,000+ members collected through the provision of the free webinars, with market news, articles and lessons.

About Simon Campbell, founder of London Investment Week

Simon has worked in the UK financial education sector for almost 20 years.  Starting out with his sister in business providing private investor workshops at hotel venues across the UK in 1998, he then helped to build the company and the later sale in 2000 to publishers Incisive Media PLC.  In 2003 he launched The Information Exchange Ltd which produced the IX Investor Shows from 2003 to 2010.  These trader expo events attracted thousands of retail investors and traders with a mix of live seminar, exhibition and workshops.  In 2010 Simon took on the role of UK MD for VectorVest, a US based stock screening software program.  After building up the membership, and successfully completing FSA (FCA) authorisation for the firm in 2012, Simon left to establish his new business IX Media Ltd, under which the brand ‘London Investment Week’ was born.


TRADERS’ Magazine

TRADERS ' magazine - resource for active traders

The TRADERS Magazine is a specialized magazine Börse , whose German-language print version has a circulation of 15,000 and is aimed at active retail traders in Germany , Austria and Switzerland . The TRADERS' magazine sees itself as an information and communication platform the Trader Elite offers professional investors the opportunity to further develop and update their knowledge .

The TRADERS' magazine informs in articles and interviews on current technical and mathematical tools , but also leaves the psychological dimension of the capital market not compromised . Here, the TRADERS' magazine covers topics extending from day trading on swing trading through to forex trading or position trading . TRADERS deals with all asset classes and markets .

Click Events

ClickEvents Ltd seeks to inform traders of techniques and trading methods. From seminars to home study, our customers gain exposure to a variety of trading techniques that may help in finding what works for you in the markets.

Investing Better

Alpesh Patel is a top professional trader and financial analyst in the UK. He is the founder of a FCA regulated asset management firm managing millions of dollars in investments. He has achieved a total return of 351% over 10 years compared to 56.5% for the FTSE All-Share.

Alpesh’s investment performance has beaten the returns of Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway which only rose 89% in that time. He has consistently outperformed all the top performing managers in the UK All Companies sector over that 10 year period.

Each fortnight he appears on the BBC to provide his much sought-after analysis of global events – reaching 280 million viewers worldwide. He is invited regularly on Bloomberg, CNBC, CNN, Al Jazzera and other major networks and has given investment speeches in US, China, India, Guatemala, Thailand among many others.

He is the author of 18 books on trading published which have been translated into German, French, Mandarin, Russian, Polish, Korean, Thai. His book Trading Online hit number 2 on the Amazon bestseller list, just behind “Harry Potter”.

Investment performance

Alpesh vs BuffetAlpesh Patel is a top professional trader and financial analyst in the UK. His investment performance over the years has been more than impressive. Apart from winning the Financial Times ‘predict the FTSE 100′ competition his investment portfolio returns for more than 10 years speak for themselves.

Alpesh has achieved a 10-year investment return that dwarfs the returns of legendary fund managers like Warren Buffet. His consistency has allowed him to claim a 351% portfolio return right in the midst of the worst financial crisis of the century.